The complete list of Sui Wallets

list of sui wallets – best sui wallets

The complete list of Sui Wallets

Sui is the first permission-less Layer 1 blockchain designed from the ground up to enable creators and developers to build experiences that cater to the next billion users in web3.

Following the “move hype” with the launch of Aptos, Sui is fast and can handle a heavy number of transactions at once, and there is so much one can do on Sui.

If you are enthusiastic about Sui and want to try how things are going here, you can install one of the Sui wallets and try it out. The following are the best options available right now for users.

Sui Wallets available now

  • Sui Wallet – the wallet built by MystenLabs
  • Suiet – the Sui wallet made for everyone
  • Ethos Sui Wallet – a wallet built for exploring Sui
  • Fewcha Wallet – your future wallet for Aptos & SUI
  • Morphis Wallet – a friendly and secure wallet built for mass-adoption
  • Surf Sui Wallet – makes it easy & safe to transfer tokens & NFTs on Sui
  • Glass Wallet – a non-custodial Sui blockchain wallet
  • Wave Wallet – an enclave for your digital assets
  • Martian Wallet – self-custodial wallet for Aptos and Sui

An overview of each Sui Wallet

Sui Wallet

This is the official wallet provided by Mysten Labs. The description also clearly mentions that you are using the wallet only for testing purposes right now, and this will anyway change later but this is the same wallet you will be able to use when Sui goes mainnet.

You can use Sui Wallet to:

  • Create, import, and persistently store the mnemonics and the derived private key
  • Go directly to the successful/failed transaction in the Sui Explorer
  • Connect to DApps and sign human-readable transactions from trusted DApps
  • Transfer coins and NFTs
  • See owned fungible tokens and NFTs
  • Display recent transactions

Ethos Wallet

Ethos is your homebase for the best dApps, experiences, and NFTs. It comes as a single tool for crypto, NFTs, and dApps on Sui Network. Ethos Wallet is open-sourced and your way to safely use and discover dApps on Sui and it is being developed to bring more features.

Morphis Wallet

Morphis will empower the future of dApps with frictionless user experiences and powerful features to onboard new users to web3. With a strong focus on community, Morphis will provide a simple and pleasant experience for users and offer Dao toolings to unlock the potential in web3 communities.

Fewcha Wallet

Claiming to be “the #1 wallet on Sui and Aptos”, Fewcha is a non-custodial Web3 wallet and also the first wallet developed for blockchain using a Move Smart Contract. Fewcha Wallet allows users to transfer Aptos and Sui based tokens freely between wallets and on dApps.

Suiet Wallet

Suiet is always polishing and pursuing the ultimate user experience to ensure that anyone, veteran or crypto newcomers, get the hang of Suiet in minutes with ease.

Nearly all web3 wallets collect data from the user and send it to a third party. Your wallet address will be tracked and all your transactions will be linked to your personal identity, which will make you traceable across the world.

But Suiet believes that the problem is not just about data privacy, but more about data ownership. Suiet claims to track nothing.

Glass wallet

Glass wallet is a crypto wallet that can be used to manage digital assets and access decentralized applications on the SUI blockchain. Their ultimate goal is to bring you the most secure and seamless way to manage your assets and connect to other dApps via our in-app browser.

Glass is currently the only wallet that has both mobile and web browser versions for the SUI ecosystem with a simple interface that helps users easily manage, exchange, and display crypto assets.

Which Sui wallets can you use on Ballast ?

We are working hard to integrate all Sui web3 wallets into our wallet selector. As of now the wallets available on Ballast are those present on our ecosystem page.

Are you building a cool wallet on Sui ? Drop us a few lines on this form and we’ll look into adding your wallet to Ballast!